Founder, CEO

Heather is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Connecticut Sustainable Business Council.

She first became interested in sustainability in business in 1999 while living in Koh Tao, Thailand and working as a Dive Master. Diving every day in the same waters, she became aware that the two interconnected economies of fishing and tourism could benefit from understanding sustainable business practices. In 2000, she co-founded Save the Reef foundation, a non-profit organization educating local fishermen on environmental impacts — an organization that still exists today.

Prior to CTSBC, Heather spent ten years as a sustainability consultant to business leaders across sectors, and the world. She is former Vice Chair of NSF 391.1, the first ANSI Sustainability Standard for Professional Services, and has been an advisor to USEPA in the development of a methodology to identify sustainability standards and eco-labels to be utilized in procurement decisions.

Director, Member Services

Sahra oversees research, membership development, and communications.

An avid proponent of sustainable business, Sahra holds a Masters in Environmental Law, a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, and a Bachelor in Business Law from Sweden. Sahra has worked for organizations such as United Nation’s World Food Programme and the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, and led projects in China and Cameroon. She has researched and published papers on topics such as sustainable supply chain management strategies and reducing hazardous chemicals in consumer products, as well as e-waste, recycling, and environmental product policies.