John is President & CEO of MetroPool, a non profit organization and provider of sustainable mobility solutions.  MetroPool has delivered services to commuters and employers in CT and NY for 35 years and excels at collaboration on the public – private interface, working with public agencies and funding to deliver services to a network of employers and individual commuters.  MetroPool is most known for creating Car and Van pools, but also promotes all forms of public transit, telework, biking and walking – anything that reduces trips, road miles and emissions.  John has directed MetroPool since 2001, managing three of the largest Transportation Demand Management (TDM) contracts in Fairfield County, Hudson Valley and Long Island.

An entrepreneur at heart, John founded Sunspace Design in the 1980s, an innovative design-build firm and taught Solar Design and Energy Conserving Construction at Williams College. He was an early board member of the New England Solar Energy Association, which evolved into the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA).  Later, John worked on a Military Housing Project in Russia, then with the World Bank in creating a lending model to support the emergence of a private building materials sector. He moved on to serve as Chief of Party for Citizens Democracy Corps, which brought American business people to work with newly formed Russian companies in an effort to move away from the Command Economy structure of the former Soviet Union.

John is a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps and the Association of Commuter Transportation (ACT), and holds a BA in Environmental and American Studies from Williams College.

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