John Lyons is President of Symbiosis a consultancy that collaborates with individuals, businesses and communities to demonstrate sustainable practices that are replicable, sustainable, reduce energy consumption and utilize renewable energy sources. Symbiosis focuses on the main components of our daily lives; home, work and transportation. Symbiosis champions a collaborative project management approach often leading public/private demonstration projects, working with; private business, governments, non-profit organizations and community groups.   

Prior to founding Symbiosis, Lyons was President and CEO of MetroPool for 17 years. MetroPool, a founding member of CTSBC, delivered sustainable transportation services to commuters in CT and NY for 38 years. As a grant-funded, non-profit MetroPool worked with employers (private & public) in the metro-NY area to educate and assist commuters in reducing congestion and emissions, and in moving toward more sustainable transportation practices. In addition to creating carpools and vanpools MetroPool promoted all forms of public transit, ridesharing, walking, biking and telework – anything that reduced the number of vehicle road miles.

John has been directly involved with clean energy and sustainability throughout his career. An entrepreneur at heart, John founded Sunspace Design in the 1980s, was an early board member for the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association and has taught solar design and energy conservating building courses. John brought his entrepreneurialsm and energy efficiency experience to Russia in the 1990s working with the World Bank on a housing sector loan and with USAID on a Russian Military Housing Resettlement project.   

John is a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps and the Association of Commuter Transportation. He was an early graduate of the Center for Environmental Studies program at Williams College and later study at Boston Architectural College.  

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