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CSR Talent Group

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CSR Talent Group is the first global marketplace of vetted CSR experts for any company needing additional capacity and looking to advance their CSR, ESG or Sustainability goals, without the overhead of a traditional consulting firm.

Whether new to sustainability or operating with a sophisticated set of environmental initiatives, we offer a marketplace that includes hundreds of experienced corporate CSR, ESG, and Sustainability experts that you can access, on-demand to solve any challenge. We service companies of all sizes representing any industry for discreet projects, and for short-term, interim, or long-term engagements. 

In addition, we offer a 1:1 advisory service to CSR, ESG, and Sustainability leaders looking for a thought partner to help break through some of their challenges while building confidence in moving forward.

For more information, reach out or email us, hello@csrtalentgroup.com

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