When We Stand For Something Big, We Stand Out

CT Sustainable Business Council stands behind purpose-driven business leaders

 and no matter your role, we believe in your ability to leverage your skills and talents to solve the climate challenge and create a positive and lasting impact in your company and the local community.

BUT even the most dedicated business leaders and companies face challenges bringing their

environmental and social responsibility to the next level.


That’s why membership in CT Sustainable Business Council provides purpose-driven business leaders with access to information, training, networking, and opportunities to help you engage stakeholders. Tell your company’s sustainability story and connect to like-minded business leaders so your business can grow and deepen its positive impact.

About The Council

The mission of Connecticut Sustainable Business Council is to “engage and educate a cross-sector business community in building a sustainable economy in Connecticut.”

Founded in 2016, CTSBC is an independent non-profit organization bringing the state’s sustainable business leaders together to learn, share best practices, connect to resources, and collaborate to advance sustainability.


What Our Members are Saying

“CTSBC provides resources and information about the latest issues and trends in sustainability.  Membership in CTSBC is valuable to our company because it enables us to connect with companies that need help advancing their CSR goals. Heather’s skill in connecting people and pointing sustainability professionals to relevant resources is a breath of fresh air in a fast-growing, multi-stakeholder environment”. 

Tom Knowlton, CSR Talent Group

Let’s Grow Together

Resilient and sustainable companies will be the ones that grow and succeed in a climate-challenged world and many purpose-driven brands are already benefiting from competitive advantage, customer loyalty, and reduced expenses.

Together, we can empower local businesses to solve the climate challenge, plan effectively for the future and create a sustainable and resilient economy in Connecticut and beyond.