Article by Matt Pilon in the Hartford Business Journal featuring the CTSBC Launch Event on May 2, 2017. Read the full article here.

At a concert, it sometimes takes one brave soul to get a reluctant crowd dancing. The same is true for convincing businesses to embrace the value of sustainable practices, said Heather Burns, CEO of the fledgling Connecticut Sustainable Business Council, which held its Hartford-area launch last week in the downtown offices of law firm Shipman & Goodwin, one of its founding partners.

Tesla, 3M and a variety of other companies with representatives at the event are examples of those leaders who have started the sustainable dance, Burns said.

“As aspiring as these first movers are, and like the guy dancing alone in the field, these folks can’t succeed alone they need that critical group of followers to make their vision a reality,” Burns said.

Such companies still need supply chains, technologies and employees, investors and customers who are place a value on sustainability and “who might be willing to pay a little bit more for an environmentally or socially responsible product,” Burns said.

Read the full article here.